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College library, surrounded by old books and leather. Studying with friends around a worn wooden table; someone with a note on their back on an old leather couch, asking someone to wake them up for class by 12. The distinct smell of studying interior architecture my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma. 

Scent profileworn leather + rosewood + lignin + dark tonka + sandalwood

This scent blend contains vanillin. 

Our signature 13.2 oz coconut-apricot wax candle with a wooden wick in a reusable, refillable matte cream vessel. The primary label is eco-friendly and will dissolve under running water within 60 seconds, leaving your candle vessel ready for it's next use. Approximate burn time of 55-60 hours. 

+ Vegan
+ Paraben-Free
+ Phthalate-Free
+ Cruelty-Free
+ Non-Toxic 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Glow candles are my favorite ❤️ Library smells AMAZING!

Jenna Hurd
Thoughtfully crafted scents with beautiful presentation

I’ve tried many candles and literally nothing compares to the scents and quality of Glow Candle Company. Every scent is unique and thoughtful and the candles are made with the highest quality materials!

I’m so obsessed- I light one the second I get home everyday!