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A warm cup of creamy chai on a chilly day - a spice-forward scent that is comforting and inviting. Feels like chatting with your girlfriends on the porch of your favorite cafe, while the leaves change color. My go-to Gilmore Girls vibe. 

Scent profile: cardamom + cinnamon + ginger + star anise + clove + warm vanilla steamed milk 

This scent blend contains vanillin. 

Our signature 13.2 oz coconut-apricot wax candle with a wooden wick in a reusable, refillable matte cream vessel. The primary label is eco-friendly and will dissolve under running water within 60 seconds, leaving your candle vessel ready for it's next use. Approximate burn time of 55-60 hours. 

+ Vegan
+ Paraben-Free
+ Phthalate-Free
+ Cruelty-Free
+ Non-Toxic 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S. White
Best candles ever!

I’m sure you’ve experienced the disappointment of finding a great smelling candle in a store only to take it home, light it, and smell absolutely nothing. Glow Candles do not have that issue! They smell amazing as soon as they are lit, and have really good reach. I can light one in my living room and smell it in all rooms of my house— but more often that not I’m burning two complimentary scents in different rooms just because we love the ambiance they create with their soft glow and wood wick crackle. I’ve already finished one full candle, and removing the labels was a breeze! The glass container is currently being used as a pen holder on my desk, but I’m definitely planning on purchasing a refill kit. As someone who is very eco-conscious, I’m obsessed with the idea of reusing the vessels over and over! I’m so glad I found Glow Candle Co. Give them a try— I promise you will not regret it!


I’ve loved glow since living in Okinawa, Japan and I absolutely love that glow is now shipping all over. Chai and basic are like fall in a cup and I’m completely in love. ☺️🤍 I’m so excited for the seasonal scent edits. Glow doesn’t miss!

We are SO happy we can ship to you - no matter where we live! "Fall in a cup" is the most perfect way we've heard chai & basic described! :)